Monday, March 23, 2015

Tech Week

Bring your tye dye shirt to practice all week!  Tomorrow we will take a cast/crew photo for the program.  

$5 tickets on sale at the door
Candy grams-  $ .50
Flower grams- $1
Snack/drinks- $ .50

We will have a breakfast on Sat. morning for the cast/crew.  Thank you Mrs. Arnold!
Please arrive at 10 am.
We will meet at 3 on Sunday.  The performance is at 4.  Remember there is a cast/crew party immediately following the show (pizza/ cake).  It should last an hour.  

Reminder: girls- try and find a shawl or kerchief  around your house for melting pot.  Boys-  caps, vest or suspenders.  

Jeans, tye dye shirt and sneakers for the play!

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