Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The SNOW I mean SHOW must go on...

BUT, on a new weekend!  Due to the weather and the lack of rehearsal times in January and February we will not be prepared to put on our show as planned.  We understand the commitments of other activities mixed in with the snow days we are not ready to perform.  A theater performance takes the entire crew to make the show work.  When we are all not there it makes it difficult to work with each other.  We have had an endless amount of understudies filling the shoes of the missing actors which makes it a challenge. 
We have begun working with the mics which creates its own share of problems.  We need the actors there so we can do our mic hand offs without interruption. 
We share our facility with other groups who also have their needs. 
Because of these bumps we must move the performance weekend to March 28th and 29th.
The Saturday performance will be at 12 and the Sunday performance will be at 2.  We will have our cast party immediately following the Sunday performance.  We ask the actors and crew to arrive at 10 on Sat. and 12 on Sunday for breakfast and a final rehearsal.

We will have Tech Week the week of March 23-27:  Monday through Friday from 3:10 to 4:30.  These are complete runnings of the show.  Bring a snack! 

The tye dye shirts are part of our costume.  DO NOT wear them until dress rehearsal and performance days.  We will ask the kids to BRING them to school to be worn over something just for the cast picture on Wednesday, February 25th and then removed to avoid being lost or stained.  The students were told to wear jeans.  Some asked about jean-like leggings.  The are OK, but keep in mind you need a place to secure the mic that is easy to put on and take off.

We are also looking for some props to be borrowed:  A large caldron(like one used on Halloween), page boy caps, berets,  cowboy hats, Napoleon hat, vests, shawls,

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