Thursday, December 4, 2014


We are now working on moving around the stage.  It is so important to be there.  Please make every effort to attend rehearsals; even after music lessons, student council, etc...
This is a team effort!  Our rehearsal days are dwindling! 

I will be sending home on Friday-  Actor Bio forms and Program Boosters(Shout Outs).  They will be due on January 12th.  Sticking to the bio format just fill in the blanks.  The shout outs can be given to family and friends.  These are added "words of support" to the program. 

Stage Crew will be needed after the Winter Break.  KEEP YOUR EYE ON THE BLOG for a meeting in January to discuss your role and to get your Bio and Booster form.  There are very little scene changes and NO curtain closing making  your job organizing and handing out necessary props, working the concession stands on the performance days and handing out programs.   

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