Thursday, November 21, 2013

Study your script

Attention readers and singers ( those with the script book) we want you to read the entire play.  Everyone else needs to begin reading and memorizing their lines.  "Cool Kids" memorize all of the lines and we will assign specific ones to you as we begin rehearsing.   "Birds" we will get CDs  for you to practice along with.

We will be meeting with the dancers and the *extras ( anyone who has not been given a contract) on Tuesday the  26TH (sorry the permission slip said the 27th) from 3:10-4:30 in Mr. Bloom's room.  Wear sneakers!

*If you have a speaking or singing role you are not considered an "extra" even though you may be used in the musical as an "extra".  Extras will be used to fill the stage during some scenes.  Extras do not speak, but may sing along as a "chorus" while on stage.

We will meet with stage crew sometime in December.  Keep checking the blog and listen for announcements during school.

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